Multi-vendor asset management (lack of standardized equipment)

Most organizations deploy a number of different Original Equipment Manufacturers (HP, Xerox, Canon, etc.) devices through a number of different vendors. Maintaining a non-standardized collection of devices is expensive because your organization then must purchase different toner and inkjet cartridges as well as service contracts for each of the models. This kind of purchasing reduces the opportunity for negotiating volume discounts across the spectrum of equipment, supplies, and service with a single supplier. At Q, we can support our CLIENTS with the following:

  • Provide a single point of management for most brands of office print/copy equipment and consumables.
  • Use a combination of technology, buying power and experience to control and consolidate the procurement and distribution of supplies for most major manufacturers (OEM) brands of office printing and copying devices.
  • We manage the existing supplier performance to meet service level agreements.

  • Outdated equipment
    Outdated print and copy technology costs an organization 2x-3x more in supplies and service than purchasing faster, more reliable, more cost-effective, multifunction devices.