Companies routinely spend thousands, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds on the creation of paper documents. Moreover, most companies lack the knowledge of where, how much and why these funds are spent.

With Q MPCS, we offer tailored solutions enabling the realization of 20% - 30% savings while providing an accurate, complete, and real-time picture of enterprise print and copy current spending.

MPCS has a broad set of offerings within our print and copy management services including a software suite with basic applications, such as print and copy cost and audit, in addition to advanced applications, such as asset optimization. As your company’s needs grow, our MPCS solutions and services can expand to meet your document production needs.

Our MPCS solutions will:

  • - Enable you to make fact-based print and copy management decisions.
  • - Illuminate your enterprise print and copy environment by exposing the hidden reality of uncontrolled document production costs.
  • - Track and measure total enterprise print and copy expenditures, including equipment, maintenance, and supply costs.
  • - Right-size the enterprise print environment to achieve a more cost-effective user-to-device ratio (10:1 or better).
  • - Measure the results of your cost-savings actions on consumables immediately and enjoy sustainable savings on assets year after year.