Print and Copy Estimate / Audit

Discover the printing and copying cost per page, the exact number and type of devices in your environment, how much they’re costing your company, how your employees are using them, and the key actions you can take to save money without affecting employee productivity. A Print and Copy Audit using our MPCS can provide you with all of these answers and more. With Print and Copy Audit, companies can finally discover the cost per page and exactly how much they’re spending on document output. A Print and Copy Audit is a simple exercise, requires little time, no investment on your part and best of all, you can have the actual results from your environment. It provides detailed answers to the following questions:

  • - How many network printers and multifunction devices are there?
  • - How many inkjet, laser printers and copiers are there?
  • - How are employees using these different device types?
  • - What are the costs of running these different devices?
  • - What are the key metrics of my print environment (including employee-to-device ratio, cost per page, device utilization rate, and the overall cost of capacity)?

Print and Copy Asset Optimization and Management:

Expensive desktop devices

Commonly used desktop inkjet printers typically cost 6 to 10 times more than, laser based workgroup products. Color pages can have an even bigger cost difference. The hidden cost of device utilization includes the cost of equipment, maintenance, and supplies. In the vast majority of companies, the average utilization is less than 3%. That means the cost per page for those devices is 5 times as much as if that same equipment was used at even 10% of its utilization. Companies routinely spend thousands of Pounds , EGP 2,500-3,000 or more per user per year, on the creation of paper documents.