Our business model is not based on placing/selling devices
We stress maximum utilization of existing devices
We achieve an approximate 20-30% cost reduction, depending on the type/model of devices you use
In conjunction/cooperation with our clients, we devise a plan allowing for upgrading devices according to actual needs, while achieving ongoing cost reduction in acquiring, operating and maintaining document production related devices
We utilize local as well as internationally trained engineers and technicians for maintaining the quality of document production and related assets.
We utilize the latest available Document/Print management, flow and archiving Software, to increase efficiency and when possible, reduce the number of document production related assets.

QSI’s print/copy asset management solutions will:

Enable you to make fact based print and copy management decisions.
Illuminate your enterprise print and copy environment, by exposing the hidden reality of uncontrolled document production.
Track and measure the total enterprise print and copy expenditures, including equipment, maintenance and supply costs.
Right size the enterprise print environment to achieve a more cost-effective user-to-device ratio (10:1 or better).

QSI’s comprehensive Asset Optimization Program includes the following:

Document Production related assets evaluation, including a site survey/inspection and a report on the condition of all devices. QSI also provides monthly inspection of each device under contract for the duration of the supply and/or maintenance contract/arrangement.
Document Production cost evaluation.
Ownership, operating and maintenance cost analysis.
Q Branded Printer (Laser and Inkjet), Facsimile, Multi-Function, Photocopier and Point of Sale (POS) consumables.
Maintenance/service for Printer, Facsimile, Multi-Function and Photocopier devices.
Document/Print management, flow and archiving software.
Printer, Facsimile, Multi-Function and Photocopier Devices are offered on an all-inclusive cost per print/copy basis. The cost per print/copy includes ownership, operating and maintenance.